Avoid delete duplicate content when uninstall demo

In this post we will explain Why duplicate content removed, and how to keep any demo content page, post or product after uninstall demo

Why duplicate post, page or product removed?

Before answer this question you must know how uninstall button delete our content only, when install new demo all posts, pages or products comes with a hidden meta field define it as demo content.

So when you use Duplicate Post plugin or any similar plugin it will duplicate the demo meta field to. So the duplicate post will be removed too.

How to avoid this?

To avoid this copy content from editor and manually set the options instead of duplicate it.

or remove the demo field from duplicated post like this:

1- Edit page 

2- Click on screen settings on the top right corner 

3- Check custom fields

4- Now you should see custom fields box, delete ‘mom_imported_with_demo’ field

Now this page, post or product will not removed with uninstall button.